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Meet The Reps

At the Region’s AGM Sunday 8th October 2017 Chris and Mat stood down as temporary reps to make way for 2 newly appointed reps. On behalf of the Yorkshire members I would like to thank Chris and Mat for taking care of the Region over the last 8 months.

Gary Stansfield was voted in by members to take on the role of number 1 rep and Allan Davis was voted in by members to take on the role of number 2 rep to assist Gary. Well done guys and thank you for stepping in to carry this great region of ours forward and make it even greater.


  Gary Rep 1                                                                 Allan Rep 2

07881 480527                                                            07885 559621

We welcome members to the following committee posts: -

Minutes Secretary -- Sheila Stansfield

Treasurer -- Helen Perkins

Web Master -- Wendy Snowden